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July 9th, 2013

Dragon Con Art

I’ll be in Atlanta for Dragon Con again at the end of August.

last week I got a call from the Art Show Director, John Parise, who’d found himself in a pickle. The convention had somehow neglected to secure artwork for the T-Shirts and other collateral. Could I help?

I owe John a favor (or two or three) from all the years I’ve been late with my paperwork. I blame Comic Con . . . and I’m not kidding. So I planned to bang something out. Instead I spent several days and made the piece of art below.

I’ll have prints of it at Comic Con and Dragon Con, and an oversized print at Dragon Con as well. Once those two shows are behind me, I’ll make it available on my website too.

SkyMarch_smSkyMarch_det01 SkyMarch_det02 SkyMarch_det03

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2 Responses to “Dragon Con Art”

  1. Isangeles says:

    A very nice work ! / Une belle illustration !

  2. Sam says:

    I am very excited to hear you and your work will be at the con this year! I discovered you through artists at the con last year and have been following since. Can’t wait to see that beautiful dragon in print!