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January 13th, 2012


This is the first oil painting I’ve completed in eight years. 30×40, oil on paper on birch ply. I have to say, it is nice to hold an actual painting in my hands again.

I hope to have an excuse to do more.

There are a number of detail shots on my website, but this is the largest full image I’ll post on the web.

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12 Responses to “Wind”

  1. Karey says:

    For your own collection or to be the cover of? Knowing me, I missed the obvious.

  2. Todd says:

    Alas, not my own collection. But the client wished to remain anonymous for the moment.

  3. Francesco Di Pastena says:

    This is a amazing work Todd. Those warm colors that suggest the sunset are so evocative. The composition is awesome too with all this details to look at. Great job 😀

  4. Todd says:

    Thanks, Francesco!

  5. tramond spencer says:

    This looks really good. i love the way you use light. does it take you longer with oils or with the pc?
    p.s. your detail is exquisite also!

  6. Todd says:

    Oh, oils take much longer, or I would never have taken up digital paint.

  7. christian says:

    I love your artwork! I’m not a real artist or anything, but I do some digital stuff :3 I’m doing an art project at school with some of your work. You’re a real inspiration!

  8. Candace says:

    I love the work it is beautiful. There is something truly unique about being able to touch the work you are creatingg.

  9. Jared Trulock says:

    Todd, Your work is always so amazing. The colors and light are so rich. This is one of my favorites of yours! I especially love some of the effects on the wings.

  10. ToLo says:

    There is a series of pictures taking this painting from beginning to finish on my Facebook Fan Page, if you haven’t already seen them:

  11. Emma says:

    Just beautiful! thank you for giving me so much inspiration!

  12. Todd says:

    I’ve updated the link to the album on my Facebook page to make the process shots easier to locate…