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September 23rd, 2010

ImagineFX #62: I’m in there

I did an interview with ImagineFX that’s on the newstands now. Check it out!

November Issue now on sale

November Issue now on sale

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2 Responses to “ImagineFX #62: I’m in there”

  1. Jade Hogg says:

    Here is my Story :)

    I am very new to digital art, In South Africa the above Magazine sells for almost 3 x the original sale price, suffice to say that I normally flick through the Magazine at the sales store marveling at all the wonderful talented creators artworks

    but in this particular Issue I stumbled across your images, and immediately placed my most cherished and loved Fantasy novels (Forgotten Realms – Drizzt!) and on top of that a interview with yourself, I purchased the Magazine straight away.

    I had purchased most of the first Range of my novels, and to be honest the Artwork was not inspiring at the time, I was delighted that someone was able to capture, to me the awe inspiring books. I know writers would hate to hear this, but I truly believe that covers sell books!

    IE if a steak has some mold on the surface, you are not going to motivated to take a bite, hoping for some better meat on the inside. (unless you are starving 😉

    I know you have heard this many times, to me your work is totally Awe-inspiring, at the same time Flattening my ambitions as a Artist, as I look at your level of thought that goes into your work, from Composition, Color, Lighting to detail it is brilliant.
    I could not imagine myself ever being able to capture what you capture in almost every painting.

    so, if anyone ever asks who my favorite Artist is
    you know the answer to that one!

    Thank you.

  2. Jade Hogg says:

    Drat I cant edit my original post, to Clarify

    I bought the first Range of forgotten realms, then the new Range came out with your Artwork, which I repurchased, just because of the new branded artwork.