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April 23rd, 2010


R. Scott Taylor contacted me recently about an article he is writing for Black Gate #15 (due out in fall of 2010), entitled “The Evolution of RPG Art, 1979-2009.” As Scott puts it, “The purpose is to feature 15 of the greatest RPG artists of all time, redefining the techniques they used to mold the standards of the RPG industry.  Each worked on a singular themed character, Lyssa Ravenwood, a young,ark-haired wizardress who is always garbed in white trimmed in gold.”

Many (if not all) of the artists RST contacted contributed a painting of the Lyssa Ravenwood character. The idea was to do it in the style of the art each artist was doing back when they made their “iconic” contributions to the game … which, as far as I was concerned, meant that each did the art exactly as they wished to. Rather like the way we did the art for the game back when … My only concern then was to not do a shittier piece than anyone else did. I still haven’t seen the others, so at risk of embarrassing myself, here’s the 3E Lyssa, Todd-style:

Lyssa ©Todd Lockwood

Lyssa ©Todd Lockwood

Detail from Lyssa ©Todd Lockwood

Detail from Lyssa ©Todd Lockwood

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11 Responses to “Lyssa”

  1. ToLo says:

    Incidentally, there was no remuneration for this art. So buy a print if you like it … ;o)

    Email me for particulars until I get it up on the website …

  2. yasemin baran says:

    You can never embarrass yourself with your art Todd! She’s smokin’ hot! Love the colors :)

  3. GP says:

    Wow, really good. I like the gold at the bottom, really nice job!

  4. Adam says:

    Wow, that is really beautiful. The detail on the cloak is stunning, and so is the lady of course 😉

  5. Audrey says:

    I love your work. She’s mesmerizing!

  6. B'omarr Punk says:

    Duuuuuuuuude. Very well done. As always, quality work. I think your work is 50% of why I’m sticking with playing D&D 3E. 😀

  7. Seenshadows says:

    Astounding! You did an amazing job. The pose speaks volumes about her.

  8. 150 says:

    My level one melee fighter taps her exposed midsection with a butter knife, gutting her like a fish.

  9. Todd says:

    @150: Your level one fighter fails to complete that thought, having been turned into a mindless puddle of goo…

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  11. Bonez says:

    Another amazing piece I would love to see them all side by side.