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October 21st, 2009

New Art up on my website!

And ain’t it about @#$%! time!?

Click on the picture to go see:


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6 Responses to “New Art up on my website!”

  1. Chelsea says:

    I had to make a few comments after seeing this new batch of paintings. :)

    I love how the flames in the image you posted on the blog are so white-hot that they’re a bit purple. It’s like it burns my eyes just to look at it, hehe. :)

    The lava mage is gorgeous. Did you make your own brush for the lava textures in the close-up?

    The white dragon cover for the Draconomicon makes me want to take a step back – and then get the hell out of there! It’s so convincing!

    LOL, Nick was just looking over my shoulder. He said that you’ve succeeded in making the scariest thing ever, since you painted something that even rhinos run away from in terror. 😉

    Also, are you on Twitter yet?


  2. Todd says:

    Thanks, Chelsea!

    I made my own paper textures in Painter; what you see is a combination of some of them. It’s a very organic process, like using chalk or a drybrush over a textured surface. Not like a brush in Photoshop at all.

    Glad you like ’em!

  3. Chelsea says:

    I have a few custom papers I made in Painter, as well, though I’m still not happy with the results I’ve gotten from most of them. I need to keep trying new things!

  4. Lu Vazquez says:

    I’m so happy you finally updated your site with new art. The little glimpses here and there on the web just don’t compare with being able to see the full on images.

    Your work just gets better and better, and I’m already impatient for the next site updates lol.

    too, was really impressed with the lava flow textures…you really captured the look and even feel of lava, than any attempt I’ve seen so far.

    I the purple lighting on the Reed Dragon’s chest in “Wings of Fire” remind me of the blue flame effect you often see at the base of a lighter or wooden match…was that the intention?

    “Ghost King” is probably my favorite…and with good reason. You’ve really pushed the boundaries of composition to the extreme…and pulled off a really dynamic, moving piece of art. Weird as it may sound, I think the way you render bone is one of the many things about your work that I love.

    I could go on, all day…suffices to say…thanks for putting these up. It’s much appreciated and about bloody time! :)

  5. Lisa says:

    I just came across your art today and I’m blown away. It’s all so beautiful. I was looking for pictures to inspire me as I work on my middle grade fantasy novel. Your work is so captivating. I’m in absolute awe of your talent. I’ll be back for more looks. Thank you so much for sharing it on the web.

  6. club penguin says:

    Great site. Will return :)