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January 29th, 2009

Art Links

In my mailbox today was a message from Gini at Gini does very nice photo restoration and enhancement, including Custom Fantasy Portraits. She also maintains a blog. She has featured my website along with 9 other artists in a post she has called Top Ten Fantasy Art Sites. There is some really spectacular stuff, including Rebecca Guay, Philip Straub, Jonathon Earl Bowser, and some new artists for me like Julie Dillon and Yuehui Tang. I spent a couple of hours I didn’t have there today, and regretted not one moment of it. Check it out! Thanks, Gini!

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2 Responses to “Art Links”

  1. Gini says:

    I’m so glad that enjoyed checking out the artists I featured. Researching these artists was some of the most fun I’ve had while writing articles for my blog. Thanks Todd!

  2. KoShiatar says:

    I’m already checking the websites listed and finding new artists to love.
    I wanted to say hello, I’m a lover of good fantasy fiction, an RPG player and an aspiring artist, and I greatly admire your work. Your paintings represent a great inspiration to me and a skill such as yours is a goal to aim to. I’m glad to know you now have a blog!