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December 12th, 2008

Blue Cloak

I have owed you some art for a while now, plus a tutorial. So let’s start with a new piece of art. This made its debut as the cover of the Program Guide for World Fantasy in Calgary, Edmonton. It was first a cover for a Bloodlines product from White Wolf, but I was so taken by the main figure that I kept working the image until I had something I liked:




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8 Responses to “Blue Cloak”

  1. Jamie White says:

    That’s beautiful!

  2. Steven says:

    That facial expression is priceless, Todd. Lots of thought behind those eyes. (And the rest of her’s nice too…).

    who really misses being able to see some of Todd’s work in progress…as he misses a lot of things from old days at TSR

  3. Julian says:

    Beautiful painting! As Steven mentioned, her eyes definitely carry a lot of thought and feeling to them. Your use of dappled lighting always astounds me…

  4. Lou Anders says:

    One of my favorite pieces!

  5. Franco Rivolli says:

    Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  6. Fretwell says:

    Just awesome!

  7. Fretwell says:

    Let me say this once again; just awesome

  8. Joutja says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Why can’t find women like that in real life. It always amazes me how much detail you can get in art and how realistic they look.