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November 15th, 2008

Graphic Artist’s Guild Lawsuit

More Orphaned Works stuff. This comes via email from An Artists’ Representative:

The Graphic Artists Guild has brought a lawsuit for one million dollars against the IPA and to individual
members Brad Holland, Cynthia Turner, Ken Dubrowski, Terry Brown, and their attorney Bruce Lehman. They* are circling a petition for the GAG to drop the lawsuit, and I offered to help by passing the document on to our group. Please read the attached letter and if you agree, sign and email back to stopsuitpetition(at)

It’s no secret that GAG and IPA have disagreed on the issues over the years, most notably with GAG’s support of the Orphan Works bill, however bringing a lawsuit against IPA, in effect punishing them for their criticism of the organization’s failings, is counter-productive to the interests of the artists that they are supposed to represent.

If you have any questions about the petition, you can contact IPA members and former GAG chapter presidents Daniel Vasconcellos dan(at) or Richard Goldberg rag(at)

Download the letter here.

*Post Script: For the record, it should be noted that one of the folks being sued by the GAG wrote to me: “Please allow me to clarify that the 5 of us being sued by GAG are not the authors or circulators of the petition. We are, however, deeply grateful to those who have initiated it and to all who are supporting it.”

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One Response to “Graphic Artist’s Guild Lawsuit”

  1. Dan says:

    Please feel free to use this link to the online petition in place of the letter link you presently have. It will allow creators to read the petition and email their support if they wish.

    An artists’ rights group should not be suing fellow artists.

    Thanks for your support and assistance with this effort to help our fellow artists.

    …and 500+ fellow creatives