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September 25th, 2008

Geez, not again! Not still…

The orphaned works thing is back:


With the legislative clock counting down, we keep hearing that the Orphan Works bill is dead for this session of Congress.

Yet there’s been a last-minute flurry of activity to pass intellectual property bills and we’re mindful of comments made by the Chairman of the House IP Subcommittee, reported last March 26, that they might try to “roll the bill into either the Patent or IP bill.”

As a result, we think it might be prudent to write our representatives again and do 2 things:

First, update them on recent developments relative to the OW bill:

· The August 8 Small Business Roundtable
· The August 30 legal paper by copyright expert Jane Ginsburg

Second, remind them that you strongly oppose this bill, as do more than 70 trade organizations. Ask them if this bill comes before them yet this year, or is rolled into another piece of legislation, to consider these recent developments and vote no.

Considering the current meltdown on Wall Street, we might also ask them if it’s wise to concentrate our nations’ copyright wealth in the hands of a few privately owned corporate databases. Who can watch the ongoing failure of investment banks that were “too big to fail” without asking why government should want to create these giant, privately owned image banks on the backs of small business owners who neither want, need nor can afford them?

We’ve prepared a new brief letter for this purpose. It’s deep-linked here:


For ongoing developments, go to the Illustrators’ Partnership Orphan Works blog:

-Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators’ Partnership

Over 70 organizations are united in opposing this bill in its current form. Illustrators, photographers, fine artists, songwriters, musicians, and countless licensing firms all believe this bill will harm their small businesses.

The Capwiz site is open to professional creators and any member of the image-making public. Sample letters have been provided. International artists will find a special link, with a sample letter and instructions as to whom to write.

If you received our mail as a forwarded message, and wish to be added to our mailing list, email us at: Place “Add Name” in the subject line, and provide your name and the email address you want used in the message area.

Please post or forward this message in its entirety to any interested party.

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