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September 24th, 2008

Stolen Prints to watch for

Recently, two different people have written to report the theft of prints they had purchased from me. That really, really pisses me off.

The first was stolen at Comic Con within minutes of Mike McMurry’s purchase. He set it down to pay for something else, and it wasn’t there when he turned to pick it up. It was a limited edition giclee of Drizzt’s Swords, number 002/300. It resembled the image attached, but also had a deckle edge and was remarqued with my own blood, so it was a rare piece. Only 3 have been produced as of this writing, and Mike now has number 003, so if you see one and the number looks like it might have been altered, it was.

The second image was stolen out of a suitcase belonging to Olaf Robrecht, at either the Vancouver airport or the Amsterdam airport, together with a print by Edward Reed and two by Jerry Vanderstelt. It was print number 002/300 of Rhinojets, as below.

If you see either of these, contact your local authorities and point them to this blog post.


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